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Stringing together comical punch lines with a remarkable slow flow and smooth voice, Esjay virtually woo's whoever is within hearing range of his songs. Putting together well thought out lyrics twisting words and delivering them with a breathtaking flow, his career in the world of music may blossom extremely well.

A lot of people wonder what stars are made of...In 1986 people received their answer, this star was birthed and given the name Stephan Jackson.

Esjay Hails from St. Catharine's, ON - a city opposite Lake Ontario of Toronto, and barely touching the country's borderline - where he grew and spent most of his developing years. Brought up in a single mother home, while mom scraped the plate providing for him and his four brothers, Stephan was already shaping the artistic skills passed down from his mother.

Each of the four older brothers possessed artistic abilities in separate areas, but it was his second oldest which introduced Stephan into the world of rap music. "Poetic Justice" being St. Catharine's first rap group to make an impact in the music industry gave a young Stephan the introduction to the creation of music as he would tag along in studio sessions.

Over the years Stephan perfected his skill of beat boxing, this in turn led freestyle rappers to rap while he supplied a beat. It didn't take long for him to begin free styling on his own, which then progressed into writing songs of his own and giving himself the stage-name Esjay. "At first I never really thought about being a hip-hop artists" He explains "I was always just 'Esjay the beat boxer' through elementary school all the way through middle school."

Esjay joined the crew "Lost SouLS" and honed his skills "Truthfully if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be doing what I do, they were such a big influence for me to actually start rhyming." LS, the impact a neighboring New York state had on the city, understanding the mathematics of music and having an ear for it, all helped string together his tone of rap.

During high school years Esjay moved to Kitchener, Ontario and teamed up with a close friend from school, A-Bomb. Also combining with Boom, Checkmark and an old St. Catharine's friend Yas and created GGP, Gotsta-Giv Productions.

Being in Kitchener it didn't take long for Esjay to begin making career moves, working with various artists across the city. Now as a part of Ultimate Entertainment, Esjay is truly on the path to a promising future in the music business. Since hooking up with Ultimate he has shared stages with artists like Sean Paul, Fabolous, and Jadakiss just to name a few. He has toured across the country with artists such as Lloyd Banks and Mobb Deep.

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Q & A with eSJay

Q: Where does your artist name come from?

A: Me and this friend of mine named Arleen were joking around one day about Jenniffer Lopez and the whole J.Lo thing, and she was like "hey my name is Arleen Gomez, so I would be A-Go" and my name is Stephan Jackson, so that's where the eSJay (S-Jay) came from

Q: Tell us more about your musical roots!
A: My whole family is musically and art influenced, so it runs in the family, ya diiig?

Q: How did you start producing music?
A: We actually were using a performance mic, you know the ones with the round top, and we used a broom stick (the plastic hollow kind) and taped it together and hung it from the ceiling thinking that's what makes it sound better. That's how the legend began

Q: Are you also a DJ?
A: No sir

Q: Do you work together with other artists also? E.g. Remixes?
A: fa sho, me and 1nce prodigal did some stuff back in teh day, and also Sinclair and with Khouse, those are some fizx artists I've worked with, but i do them all the time also.

Q: Do you have any special musical aims?
A: world domination baby!

Q: What do you think of the contemporary popular music which is played by normal radio stations?
A: its fun

Q: What have you read recently (book, play, film, etc.) that moved or surprised you?
A: an article about a school shooting massacre in teh states, where he video taped it also, the largest slaughtering in the states. it just shows how fucked up some people are

Q: What is your all-time favorite track? Why?
A: i don't know to be honest, i love too much music too much. get it?

Q: What's one thing you're a fan of that people might not expect?
A: Sonic The Hedgehog
1nce Prodigal
Hardeep Riot
Kontrast Boy
Kundalini Project
Mischief & Mayhem
Projekt 2501
Psyko Konceptor
Ric Dolore
The UnReal Project
Toni Smoke
Yellow Stick Men
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